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What Is the Difference Between Mulberry Silk and Satin?

If you are confused between which material to choose, silk or satin while looking for anniversary gifts for her, here are a few essential points which can help you decide. There are many similarities between silk and satin, but satin is a blended material based on a weave pattern, whereas silk is a natural fibre. 

While silk is more expensive than satin, its qualities far surpass the pricing. An easy way to identify silk is that it has a luminous natural shine on both sides, whereas satin is dull on one side and glossy on the other. 

Let us see the various points in which mulberry silk differs from satin.

Differences That Distinguish Mulberry Silk from Satin

  1. Composition – Satin is a synthetic fibre weave, and silk is a natural fibre. Fibre is the thread from which the material is made, and the weave is the process of how the material is made. Satin is composed of other fabrics such as rayon, nylon, polyester or silk. Silk is produced by extracting fibres from silkworms, popularly mulberry silk. It has a triangular prism-like structure, allowing incoming light to refract at different angles and hence, various colors are present. Thus, silk is durable and has a shiny look compared to satin’s gleaming surface with a drab back. Silk is luxurious, breathable, soft and comfortable.

Satin is an artificial fibre made from oil, having similar chemical composition to plastic bottles, whereas silk is spun from protein filament extracted from the cocoon of silkworms. 2-3 silk filaments go into making a silk fibre and are spun together to create silk fabric in various momme weights. 

  1. Temperature Regulation – Satin is made from  polyesters and cannot wick away moisture unlike silk. Wicking is the ability to carry moisture on the surface without absorbing it. Silk is comfortable both for the summers and winters and has thermoregulating properties. Silk creates a cushion of hot air during the winters allowing you to remain warm and emitting excess heat for better comfort. It maintains an optimum body temperature.
  2. Inexpensive Vs Luxury – Satin is cheaper than pure silk, and satin can be manufactured in large quantities from oil and plastic. It is an artificial process, whereas producing silk is a time-consuming and laborious process and expensive as the supply is finite. If you are looking for quality, the price usually reflects that. 
  3. Benefits for Hair and Skin – Satin may look smooth and silky but is not soft upon touch. Moreover, it is not hypoallergenic as silk is. Silk is resistant to allergens such as bacteria, dust mites, molds, fungi, etc. It would help if you knew beforehand what the satin you are buying is made from to ensure that you do not suffer any adverse effects from the material such as static or aggravation of inflamed skin. Silk reduces the irritation of the skin for those suffering from eczema or sensitive skin conditions. Silk does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair, keeping them naturally hydrated. The smooth and soft surface prevents frizzy hair and split ends, minimizing hair damage.

Benefits of Silk Over Satin

  • Silk is breathable, and your body and head will not get overheated. 
  • It is hypoallergenic and free from toxic materials.  
  • It is a natural fibre and is free from synthetic materials. It is beneficial for skin and hair. 

Where to Get Best Quality Anniversary Gifts for Her

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