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Ways Technology Can Help In Remote Study

Remote studying is touted to be the ultimate platform where learning is free from any bondage.

The need for remote study was felt strongly during The COVID pandemic, which put the entire world to a real full stop.

The stakeholders in education made use of technology to keep the flow of education online. Online education is no less than a revolution for learners. This article will discuss how technology can help in remote working.

Technology, The Main Drive To Success In Remote Learning

Technology brought in a paradigm shift so far as online learning is considered. In this section, we discuss how technology can be used in the remote study.

1. Extensive Use Of Online Learning

When the schools got closed during the lockdown, it was initially thought the future of the generation got completely dashed. However, the arrival of the online mode of classes completely changed the scenario. They really became the savior of the young generation.

The education institutes armed them technologically to impart one-to-one and one to many modes of education. This benefitted millions of children not only across the USA but across the entire world. Face-to-face instructions not only help students cope with the daily classes but also encourage quicker learning during an emergency.

Even the college and graduate students encashed the ambiance to the fullest. According to a study, around 58M workers who filed for unemployment went on to learn some new skills during the lockdown. So opportunities are huge.

2. Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems also turned out to be a boon to students and teachers alike. Using these LMSs’ teachers were able to give lectures on different subjects, and students learned their lessons.

Through these management systems, virtual, hybrid, and personal classes were provided to students. As a result, the students can not only collect notes successfully through the systems but also track individual developments.

According to data Google’s LMS platforms have been highly successful economically and doubled their segmented earnings from March 2020 into April.

Even Microsoft conducted similar LMS programs to help learners. It can therefore be understood that the technology used to foster the learning and development of students.

LMS is going through massive developments. They are highly effective in serving the needs of educational institutes.

3. After School Learning And Tutoring 

School learning tutoring is a great concept. Here educational services using the LMS systems provide live one-to-one classes supported by pre-designed videos to help students grasp each and every bit of their learning.

Examples could be given of GSX, which provided tutoring to around 2.7 million students during the lockdown. Notable examples can also be given in the form of Outschool and Coursehero, which delivered similar services.

But the best example could be given in the form of BYJUS in India, whose personalized journey increased to a mammoth rise of more than 200% during the Covid pandemic lockdown. Overall, there is unending potential for this business.

Mention can be made of remorse language learning. This has immense possibilities to create job opportunities. In addition, people can download some language learning software free from the pirate bay.

4. Virtual And Augmented Reality Increased Engagement

With Virtual Reality, you get a form of 3D environment that can create a digital environment.

Augmented reality is another technology that superimposes digital elements like visuals, sounds, and texts in learning materials. This technology also saw a surprise; it’s making related educational materials.

Videos based on virtual reality and Augmented reality took the learners on a journey where they had their emotional attachments properly set in with the learning materials.

An example could be given in the form of a UK-based organization MEL Science, which provided weekly subscriptions to chemistry and physics lessons.

What Else?

Other than the ones mentioned, gamification in education requires mention. Games have influenced little minds for two decades or more. But parents and teachers have always seen games with red eyes.

But, if games get integrated with education, it can create huge benefits for children.

According to a study, gamification in the education market is set to increase to a value of around $ 1.8bn by the year 2023. This is definitely a positive development. Students get a great way of getting out of the initial boredom in books and learning as they play.

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