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Things to know before one travels alone by train

Travelling by train can be really a beautiful experience and there are some people who love traveling alone. For them it is a different adventure altogether. Solo traveling is a rare thing and a lot of people do a lot of contemplation when they think of going somewhere alone. But those who have done it know why it is always so special. So it is a great idea to do at least one solo travel to get the real taste of it.

But if one has already decided to travel alone then there are many things that they need to keep in their mind. A lot of people may think that is it even safe to travel alone? Well, it can be very safe if one knows exactly what to do and what not. When going for a solo travel one needs to do some preparations.

There are many people who love to travel alone and this is a part of self indulgence. For them, it is kind of fun because they can do whatever they want to do when they are traveling and live in the moment. They can make their travel plans the way they wish it to be. And for those who are doing it for the first time, it can be a big learning experience for them.

Now, when traveling alone by train there are a few do’s and don’ts that one must follow no matter whether they are doing it by choice or out of compulsion.

  • Safety measures are really important when one is travelling by train. This is a kind of precautionary measure while travelling alone because if there is an emergency there will be no one to help. One has to book the train tickets in advance and they can do that easily online so that their reaching of destination is sorted. Apart from booking train tickets in advance one can also order food from the app provided by the Indian Railways for the date when they are travelling. Train food delivery has become an easy option these days and one does not have to worry about what they will eat when they are making a long journey by train. The listed catering services are there in the app and one can easily order food there and they will be served right on the seat and right on time on the given date. If the train they are travelling in has a pantry car then one can also order food from there. Also one needs to carry an ID proof because it is needed to be shown when the tickets are checked.
  • When one is travelling alone, it is a good idea to keep communicating with the people around. This can help a lot in case of emergencies. One also needs to carry light luggage so that boarding trains and handling luggage can be easy. While life insurance isn’t a reason to lower your guard, it is good to have one in case of an unexpected event.

These things are needed to be sorted before one boards the train.

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