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The popular tips to ace the GRE


There are tonnes and thousands of tips to ace GRE, but when you enrol in GRE  coaching centres in Hyderabad there is a need to narrow down the tips. Keep this pointers in mind when you are preparing for GRE exams.

Dealing with multiple blanks

GRE questions requires you to fill one two or three blanks. But multiple choice questions are not difficult than the single blank questions. The sentence will contain a lot of clues to provide the right answer to the question. When you fill one blank correctly, that is the clue to the remaining words. With multiple blank questions you do not need to tackle all the blanks together as you can start with the easiest ones.

Reading comprehension

Before you are appearing for a GRE exam you would have spent a lot of time analysing and interpreting questions. But to obtain success with GRE reading question requires you to act differently. You are taking the GRE exam and it is going to ask questions relating to the subject matter. Take notes , make a passage map that will engage you in active reading. The notes themselves will prepare you to answer several questions. Since the GRE is an open book you need to research it properly so as to achieve new levels of success.

Quantitative comparison

The questions in this section presents you with a couple of options and refer to whether quantity A is greater or quantity B. In some cases both the quantities may turn out to be the same and the relationship cannot be determined. Since the four answer choices are the same, so you need to memorize it on the exam day. Keep in mind that the question is not going to ask you about the value of quantities, but only from a relationship point of view.

Do not waste your time in calculation of the value of x. Rather it is better to reduce the properties of x to reduce it so that it may turn out to be positive or negative. This is also going to indicate whether the value of x is greater than equal to zero.

Problem solving

Problem solving is going to ask you a lot of questions that you have solved in your school days. You are given information and asked to find a series of values from it. GRE exam pattern allows you to select the correct answer from a choice of five answers. There could also be a numeric question where you can choose the correct answer from the lot. Some questions are there that will provide you answers in an abstract form. You could be given variables instead of numbers or you may be asked to apply property rules.

A popular favourite of the GRE exam is the triangle, and each of them has specific rules that you need to memorize. If you are aware of both sides of a triangle it becomes easy to find the third one.

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