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Joker – Why Is The Megalomaniac Supervillain So Dearly Loved?

The Joker is a supervillain who first appeared in DC comic books opposite Batman on April 25, 1940. The Joker is the criminal mastermind and a psychopath with a sadistic personality. The Joker is the ultimate nemesis of Batman, raging havoc in the city of Gotham like a maniac. He is responsible for the killing, looting, and causing menace in Gotham city. Yet he has managed to win the hearts of people across the globe more than Batman.

Heath Ledger gives his legendary performance in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie The Dark Knight (2008) and has managed to earn accolades around the globe. Later more recently, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in 2019’s Joker ensured that a certain number of people were definitely moved by the story of Joker.

Top Traits That Made Joker The Most Loved Supervillain Of All Time 

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Unpredictably Scary

Joker is scary despite owning any superpowers that other supervillains from the DC world have. Joker works alone without any protective armor simply on the basis of his incomparable wit and intellect. His moves are unpredictable, and he is unapproachable. The protagonist simply can not disarm him from his devilish intentions.

Joker likes to make a fool out of people; his extraordinary ability to read minds works as a charmer. Joker in Dark Knight Rises said, “I am like a dog, chasing cars; I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one, you know, I just do things.”

The dialogue clearly states even though Joker can read through people’s minds, it is hard for any other person to predict what Joker’s next moves are.

The unpredictability has given the character a scarier demeanor. However, with this similar uncertainty, the character seems more mysterious and interesting to the general viewers.

Mental Illness 

Joker is suffering from several mental illnesses, as portrayed widely in Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Joker suffers a damaged childhood, as his relationship with his mother isn’t always pleasant. His childhood trauma has represented most of his adulthood.

Joker apparently suffers from the Pseudobullar effect or PBA, which can be detected by his uncontrollable laughter. He can’t control his laughter or tears, and the episodes last for more than a minute.

Joker’s relationship with his mother also leads him to possess antisocial personality disorder. In the movie, Joker stabbed one of his former friends multiple times, which indicates his traits of psychopathy and megalomania. He also derives sadistic pleasure from inflicting pain upon others.

The audience could sympathize with Joker’s mental illness instead of getting agitated as people are getting more concerned about mental illnesses.

Joker’s ID

According to Freudian psychoanalysis, id represents the most primordial emotions and urges of a human being. A human’s primordial instinct is not governed by societal laws, culture, or religion.

Joker represents the id in a perfect form in the movies. Joker’s movement is controlled mostly by his instincts and desires. As he said that, he even doesn’t know what he would do once to catch the car. This statement suggests he would rather go by whatever he desires at that moment instead of following a plan of work.

To viewers, Joker is all that they desire to do but are unable to implement as action as they are bound by societal laws. Joker could instantly kill a man who is a dubious politician or can go after a billionaire who is so keen on implementing laws without any hesitation. This relational aspect creates an engaging thread between the viewers and the Joker.

He Doesn’t Kill The Protagonist

Joker’s purpose is not to kill the protagonist and his arch-enemy Batman. Joker sees himself and batman as two sides of the same coin. In dark Knight Rises, Heath Ledger, as Joker, clearly said that he doesn’t wish to kill batman as he would be too bored without Batman.

Joker’s intelligent dark humor is cherishable to the viewers more than Batman’s self-righteous attitude to capture him. There is no doubt the supervillain is intelligent enough to read the protagonist’s mind hiding behind his mask. His intellect and dark humor have captivated the viewers.


Despite being the most notorious supervillain, Joker kills people in a rather stylized manner. He wears his vulnerabilities on his face without having to hide back behind a mask. He is considered more of an icon for people in comparison to the billionaire superhero.

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