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Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarp: Every Trucker’s Best Friend

Trucking is not an easy job. Truckers often have to carry expensive cargo or merchandise over long distances. Loading and unloading heavy cargo requires a lot of planning and physical effort. Truckers also have to employ their navigation skills to select the best possible routes for their daily journeys. Protecting the merchandise from the environment is part of the job.

These difficulties are triggering driver shortages for trucking companies all across North America. In 2021, there are approximately 80,000 truck drivers in the USA. By 2030, the country will need 160,000+ drivers. Trucking is a difficult job so the truck driver shortage is hardly surprising. Thankfully, there are tools that make this profession relatively easier.

Tarps and Truckers: An Important Bond

If truck drivers cannot protect the merchandise they carry, they’ll indirectly cause major bottleneck issues in their respective delivery systems. That’s why smart truckers never take safety-related risks. They always use heavy-duty tarps to cover their truck beds. By “tarping” their trucks, drivers guarantee that the cargo they’re carrying is safe at all times.

There’s no risk of items getting lost or damaged by rainwater, dust, and other elements when they’re securely “tarped.” The modern-day vinyl tarp is an extremely durable item. It’s water-resistant, UV-resistant materials, and frame-resistant. Here are some surprising ways vinyl tarps help truckers perform their jobs more effectively.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Yes. Tarping your truck will improve its fuel efficiency. That’s because when you enclose the load on your truck bed with an insulating tarp, you reduce air resistance. Air doesn’t get stuck on your unevenly shaped merchandise or cargo items.

It passes on smoothly from the top of the tarp. The tarp reduces drag, allowing the truck’s engine to work more efficiently. When there’s less air resistance, there’s less pressure on the truck’s engine. Hence, accelerating the truck also becomes easier for drivers.

Cargo Safety

This point is a no-brainer. An open, unprotected truck bed can invite all types of safety, stability, and security threats. A high-quality, UV-resistant and waterproof vinyl truck tarpaulin can help truckers address these safety risks relatively easily.

Secure the tarp tightly to prevent spillage. The tarp will also prevent items from flying out of the truck. The risk of unfortunate pedestrians or other vehicles getting hit by these items is also lower when you use tarps.


New-age tarp sellers allow buyers to customize their sheets. Business owners can print whatever they want on their tarps – brand names, logos, advertisements, marketing messages, and more. A large vinyl or PVC tarp will offer a lot of printing space.

Company leaders can custom-print their brand logos on these tarps to maximize brand exposure. The trucks and the tarps on the trucks can and will travel great distances. During these travels, everyone who spots the trucks and the tarps will learn about the brand/s showcased on the tarps.

Most experienced truckers are used to installing tarps on their vehicles. They know that heavy-duty tarps can protect all types of cargo – be it agricultural products or electronics.

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