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Yes, technology has made it possible to order the favorite food while you are traveling. There is no need of carrying food along in the journey as the E catering companies are providing their services to the PAN India. These services make your trip more memorable and enjoyable at the same time. Train food delivery done by the e-catering companies has become a huge business with a wide scope. Different people go for different types of food while they are traveling. But it is better to go for light and healthy food. Consumption of food prepared under unhygienic conditions can cause harm to health like stomach disorders or vomiting. So with the help of the internet, you can order food anywhere at any time while on the journey.

Following is the list of healthy food that can be ordered while traveling:

  • Jain thalli: Jain community follows vegetarian food that is different from the normal diet. This thalli is rich in all the nutrients that are required by the human body. It is healthy and light as well to digest while traveling.
  • Standard veg thalli: this thalli contains all the seasonal veggies in it along with dal, chapatti, and rice. It is a full-proof balanced diet that contains also the essential nutrients required by the body. This thalli also contain a sweet dish that soothes your stomach and this is available at very reasonable prices.
  • Khichdi: it is the combination of pluses and rice which is very healthy and light. When veggies are added to this it becomes more delicious and adds nutrition level. It is one of the best food that can be ordered while traveling.
  • Poha: people of India love eating poha and it is served in different styles in different corners of the country. It is also light as well as healthy food that can be ordered while traveling.
  • Bread omelet: eggs are the best source of protein that is rich in nutrients and is very easy to digest. This can also be preferred while on the journey.
  • Salad: this is one of the lightest and healthiest form of food that can be ordered. This keeps you hydrated in travel.
  • Buttermilk: salted buttermilk is very quick and easy to digest drink that has helps in solving the issues related to the stomach. It also keeps the body hydrated.

So all these things can be ordered while you are on travel. The e-catering companies make sure that whatever their customer demands they can cope up with them. They are putting all efforts into satisfying the needs of the passengers in the travel. Just within a few clicks, you can order your food and they will reach your seat. These e catering companies know the importance of healthy food and they make sure that they avail the passengers with healthy and fresh food.

Now the passengers don’t need to carry extra baggage while traveling. As the high-end solution to the food problem is in your smartphones. Be smart to stay safe and eat healthy and fresh food even while traveling.

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