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Can I Get A Job After The US CMA?

The US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA) certification is an internationally reputed qualification focusing on fields of corporate finance and management accounting granted by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), United States.

If a question arises in your mind “Can I get a job after the US CMA? The answer to the question is “YES”. You can get diversified opportunities and jobs after the US CMA.

US CMA Career Paths 

After attaining the US CMA credential, you have a bunch of opportunities related to corporate finance and management accounting. As a US CMA certificate holder, you are expected to perform the following roles.

  1. Cost Accountant
  2. Financial Controller
  3. Chief Financial Officer
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Financial Risk Manager and many more

Various designations and roles are mentioned in the below table.

Cost Accountant Financial Controller  Chief Financial Officer Financial Analyst Financial risk manager 
  • Analyzes about company’s cost 
  • Eliminates cost inefficiencies 
  • Saves the money of a company
  • It is a managerial position
  • Prepares financial strategies. 
  • Formulates  strategic recommendations and manages other accounting professionals
  • The apex of financial resolutions of a  company
  • Participates in  financial reports 
  •  Involves in financial predictions, and firm investments
  • Tracing financial statements
  • Making reports and giving suggestions to improve the productivity of the company.
Forecasting upcoming changes that affect the firm’s finances and preparing plans according to them.

As the number of global companies and multinational companies is growing day by day the demand for the US CMA is rising parallelly. As US CMA certified holders possess diversified skills many industries hire them. They occupy prestigious positions in companies and get high salaries not only in India or in the US but also all around the world. You can accelerate your career by strengthening your skills through this certification. You can encash the shortage of certified management accountants and get placed in top companies in the world. 

 Certified Management Accountants are required in many industries including

  • IT & ITES (IBM, EXL, Accenture, Genpact, etc..)
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Community organizations, Social organizations)
  • E-commerce ( Amazon, Flipkart, etc.)
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Valuation 
  • Consulting Services
  • Financial Statement Analysis

 If you have a dream of having global professional certification and working abroad and looking for global professional certification, US CMA is the perfect choice for you.


To achieve the US CMA certification

  • Clearing of the CMA examination consists of 2 parts
  • Bachelor’s degree or correspondent education
  • Two continuous years of relevant experience
  • CPE credits of 30 hours including 2 hours of ethics 
  • Active IMA membership

Tips to crack the US CMA examination

  • Know completely about the US CMA course 
  • Possess industry application knowledge by understanding every concept.
  • Practice well for the exam so that you can gain time management skills and self-confidence.
  • Do not panic during exams and staying focused is a key factor for your victory in the exam.

If you want to crack the US CMA exam you need planning and perfect guidance that can be provided by HI-EDUCARE, one of the best US CMA institutions in India with an impeccable record of a 90% success rate.

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