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A Complete Guide to Women’s Summer Hats

During the summer months, headgear might not be the primary thing you look for. Sunglasses, protective clothes, and sunscreen are some of the most essential things women consider purchasing during the hot summer months. But as you’re trying to achieve the best sun protection, you should not forget the importance of sun hats. Summer hats are one of the best ways you can protect your head, face, and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The hats will protect your skin from getting damaged by the sun. The modern hats are both effective as well as functional in terms of sun protection.

As there are many summer hats available in the market, you might face problems choosing the perfect one. The summer hat you choose not only needs to be capable of protecting you from the sun but also showcase a summer fashion statement. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the best one as per your requirements. You need to ensure you’re choosing an appropriate summer hat that will be worth your investment.

However, before you start choosing the summer hats, there is one thing you always need to remember. It doesn’t matter what you choose, make sure you wear the summer hat with confidence. Continue reading the article to know more.

Anatomy of Hats 

Before you choose the perfect summer hats for women, you need to know the anatomy of the hats so that you don’t face any problem differentiating the best one from the others. A hat consists of four parts:

  • Brim
  • Crease
  • Crown
  • Band

The crown is known as the vertical portion of the hat. On the other hand, the crease is something that is bent slightly at the front of the hat. Even though you can find hats without any creases, if you want something classic and eye-catching, you need to pay close attention to the crease while buying hats.

The brim is one of the most important parts of the hats that are outwards from the base. Hats come with small, medium, and wide brims. Depending on the sun protection, you need to choose the brim carefully. The band is another important part of the hat that you can customize with feathers and ribbons.

Fedora Hats 

The fedora hats are one of the most popular sun hats for women you can find in the market. The fedora hats are ideal for women who are looking for something that can boost their fashion sense while also protecting them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As per the Cleveland clinic, wide-brimmed hats will help you avoid the harmful effects of the sun. The typical fedora hats come with a medium or wide brim and also feature a crease as per the length of the hat. The pinch of the fedora hats towards the front will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Originated from the traditional Tyrolean brimmed hats, the fedora hats started gaining popularity in Europe during the first of the 20th Century. Even though you can still find the traditional fedora hats, the modern wide-brimmed fedora hats for women are more effective if sun protection is your primary requirement.

One of the best benefits of the felt fedora hats is that you can wear them all year long. Not only summer but the felt and wool fedora hats will also prove effective during the winter months. Pairing the women’s fedora hats with formal outfits will boost your confidence and personality.

Panama Hats 

This is a great womens sun hat you can purchase if you’re looking for summer headgears. Originated from Ecuador during the 17the Century, the Panama hats are one type of brimmed straw hat. The traditional Panama hats used to be woven from the palms of Toquilla.

One of the most eye-catching benefits of the Panama hats is that they are extremely breathable. This means that your head will always remain cool due to the air circulation feature of the hat. The Panama hats are only great during the summer months. However, make sure you’re not wearing the Panama hats during winter. Apart from being lightweight, the Panama hats will help you stand apart from the crowd if you wear them at music festivals and beaches. The Panama hats will work best with summer casual outfits.

Bucket Hats 

Even though the bucket hats were primarily popular amongst men, the modern bucket hats are gaining rapid popularity amongst women as summer hats. If you don’t prefer the design of wide-brimmed hats, the bucket hats will prove to be the best alternative to the summer hats. Worn by the US soldiers during the Vietnam War, the bucket hats were associated with men only of higher class before they started dominating the hat market during the 1970s.

The modern bucket hats are trending all over the hat market again after their controversial comeback in the fashion world. Just like the snapback, the bucket hats are combined perfectly with oversized shirts and casual jeans as well as other types of summer clothing such as board shorts and printed long-sleeve t-shirts.

However, the bucket hats are more summer-specific, unlike the baseball hats. Just like the Panama hats, make sure you don’t wear the bucket hats in winter.

Derby Hats 

Derby hats, which are associated with the horse races, come with a brim of 6 to 10 inches. The derby hats are one of the most hats for boosting fashion statements. It doesn’t matter what outfit you choose, the derby hats are versatile and they will never cease to complement the outfits. However, make sure the outfit is made specifically for the summer. The derby hats for women are also trending.

The derby hats will not only protect your face from overexposure to the sunlight but also protect your shoulders and neck from UV rays. Unlike the men’s derby hats, the derby hats for women come with a wide brim. You will find various sizes and colors when choosing the derby hats as a summer essential.


This is the complete guide to women’s summer hats. If you want to purchase the best sun hats that will ensure sun protection, make sure you contact us.

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